Mixing Modern Science with Ancient Wisdom

At Internal Alchemy, our mission is to guide individuals on a
transformative journey of self-discovery and healing,
empowering them to cultivate inner balance, harmony, and resilience.

Through the combination of ancient wisdom and modern practices,
we provide holistic support for mind, body, and spirit.

Our commitment is to foster a nurturing space where individuals can explore their inner landscapes,
uncover their innate potential, and embrace a life of vitality and purpose.

Current Offerings

Flower Essence Journeywork Certification

Embark on a transformative journey with our Flower Essence Certification Course, where ancient wisdom meets modern healing to unlock your soul's true potential.

Spring Cleansing

Refresh and renew your living space with the invigorating energy of spring clearing, utilizing sage, palo santo, and crystal grids to cleanse, bless, and revitalize your home.

Meet Dr. Cassandra Shuck

Meet Cassandra Shuck, the found of Internal Alchemy and an an expert in shamanic healing. She holds a Master’s Degree in Shamanic Studies and a Ph.D. in Spiritual Counseling, as well as many licenses and certifications in modalities like hypnosis, herbalism, and even yoga.

Drawing on ancient wisdom from Peruvian, Colombian, and Hawaiian traditions, she specializes in holistic healing practices, including plant medicine and herbalism.

Her own journey from battling PTSD to wellness inspires her work in guiding others toward healing and empowerment.

Cassandra is a founder of Aligned Social, a powerful new social platform promoting mental health awareness and integrating traditional healing with modern well-being.


Each time I have worked with Cassandra, I have uncovered more and more about myself and my past I never even knew existed. While initially I was terrified to deal with what came up, I’m much more prepared and even sometimes excited to deal with now and in the future. I truly am grateful I met Cassandra when I did and don’t know how my life would be if I hadn’t.


Cassandra has a gift of looking at you with a bird’s eye view and digging into your pieces. You leave with clarity, a sense of direction, and tangible action steps that help move your soul forward. Personally, I learned more in an hour session with Cassandra than I did in a 6-month mastermind.


I cannot express enough gratitude for Cass and her magical shamanic healing prowess. I felt more healed and whole after our first session together than I ever have in any form of talk therapy, all while feeling as comfortable as if I was shooting the breeze with a close girlfriend. I tell everyone that they need a shaman, but what I really mean is they need Cass.


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Shamanic healing is not a substitute for allopathic medicine.

If you have a health concern, you should always consult a physician.

Shamanic healing does not diagnose, treat, or prescribe medications.